Exploring the World Alone: The Best Solo Trips for Women

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Traveling alone or solo trips is becoming more and more popular with women in Generation Z; a recent survey found that over half of them would consider doing so. This indicates that a greater number of women than ever are traveling to remote locations in quest of new acquaintances, intriguing experiences, and diverse cultures. However, what should they know and where should they go?

With well-traveled backpacker routes, amiable natives, and opportunities to meet new people or spend quality alone time, a few nations are recognised to be reasonably safe and easy to navigate for women seeking adventure. Here are the nine best solo travel destinations for women traveling alone, along with helpful safety tips.

 1. SriLanka

Solo Women SriLanka Travel

Sri Lanka, the tiny island that resembles a teardrop, is a great place for female tourists to start their journey through South Asia because it is like India in miniature yet has its own distinct appeal. Popular with hikers, it’s the ideal length for a week or month of touring historic Unesco sites like Sigiriya and Dambulla, or visiting tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya. Additionally, the golden beaches of Arugam Bay, Mirissa, and Hikkaduwa offer beachside hostels, surfing, and delectable local cuisine for a wonderful getaway.

2. Portugal

Solo Women Portugal Travel

Portugal is becoming known as the ideal place for lone travelers because more and more digital nomads are relocating there. In addition to the Baroque castles and palaces, hiking paths, and expansive beaches, there are also hipster hangouts for backpackers, a growing number of co-working spaces, and adorable cafes where you can enjoy a pastel de nata as a snack. There are rolling vineyards in the Douro Valley, historical cobblestone alleys in Lisbon, and opportunities for water sports and whale viewing in the southern Algarve. It’s also easy to go around by bus, train, and automobile.

3. Czechia

Solo Women Czechia Travel

The Czechia, also known as Czech Republic. What more could a single female traveler ask for when the food is delicious, the drinks are inexpensive, and the cities are breathtakingly beautiful? The Old Town Square, Prague Castle, and the Charles Bridge may all be seen by strolling through the city’s winding alleyways. Prague is the capital of Czechia. Meeting people is also made easier for those who aren’t used to traveling alone with walking and bicycle tours around the city. Have you seen the gorgeous town of Český Krumlov? There are many wonderful day trips, the main sights are walkable, and there is very little crime.

4. Japan

Solo Women Japan Travel

Japan’s courteous culture, manners, and customs make it one of the safest places on earth—not only for lone travelers but for everyone who travels there. Although big cities like Tokyo can be intimidating, Japan offers a lot of safe havens for women, including women-only hotels and train carriages. You may go from volcanic hot springs and snow-capped mountains to white sand beaches and cascading rice terraces in a single journey with easy and effective transportation, such as the lightning-fast bullet train. Best of all, eating by yourself is accepted as normal in Japan!

5. Guatemala

Solo Women Guatemala Travel

The number of independent travelers is gradually increasing throughout Central America, and Guatemala is a favorite destination for female travelers traveling alone because of its excellent infrastructure, inexpensive dining options, and a plethora of hostels and tour routes. Since most travelers take the same route to see the breathtaking Lake Atitlan, the historic pyramids at Tikal, and the glistening blue falls at Semuc Champey, making new acquaintances is easy. The vibrant streets of Antigua serve as an ideal starting point for exploring Guatemala’s well-known walk-up Acatenango, which offers breathtaking views of Volcano Fuego erupting at dawn.

 6. Vietnam

Solo Women Vietnam Travel

Thailand and Vietnam continue to be the most popular locations for women backpacking in Southeast Asia, although Vietnam is a fantastic place to start. The nation features mountains, beaches, islands, historic towns like Hoi An and Hue, and some of the area’s greatest food. It is connected by a popular tourism route that runs from the capital city of Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south. Thousands of other lone travelers will be traveling in the same direction, whether they choose to travel by rail, sleeper bus, or motorbike.

7. Australia

Solo Women Australia Travel

Due to its easy visa application process and beautiful East Coast tourism route, Australia is a popular destination for independent travelers. It’s safe and straightforward to plan, especially if it’s your first time there. A stunning introduction to the nation is provided by Sydney’s bustling beaches, vibrant culinary scene, and picture-perfect sites, such as the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Up north, the Great Barrier Reef provides jeep tours on Fraser Island and snorkeling cruises. Don’t worry too much about the other animals, though; sunlight, friendly Aussies, and lovely nature are all practically guaranteed.

8. Greece

Solo Women Greece Travel

A solitary journey to Greece is an ideal setting for a Mamma Mia film. For those seeking sun, sand, and a little history on their own, the nation makes an excellent first-trip location. With the Acropolis, Parthenon, and Panathenaic Stadium among its many other historic treasures, Athens is among the oldest cities in the world. In addition to the popular islands of Corfu, Kefalonia, and Kos having the blue waters, beaches, and charming towns you’ve seen in films and being easily accessible by boat, modern hotels and hostels ensure that you travel in comfort and can eat out on Mediterranean cuisine at reasonable prices.

9. New Zealand

Solo Women New Zealand Travel

One of the safest destinations for lone female travelers is New Zealand, whether you decide to visit the North or South Islands separately or together. While in the nation, you can explore fjords, mountains, glaciers, and beaches by self-driving or by taking excursions. With a concentration of hostels and motels in Auckland, Queenstown, or Christchurch, the wild landscapes are ideal for adventure and road vacations. Nature enthusiasts will find much to do in this amazing outdoor destination, which includes hiking, swimming, and kayaking. Despite the slightly higher costs, there are always other single female travelers looking to go with them.

How to stay safe as a solo female traveler?

1. Think ahead before packing

Think ahead before packing

 Being stylish when packing doesn’t just mean wearing what you think is appropriate for the place you are visiting. To ensure you never go without a connection, make copies of your passport, driver’s license, and visa and have them close at hand along with cash and a phone charger or power bank. Try utilizing a money belt or backpack with anti-theft protection, and lock your luggage whenever you can. There are many things you should carry before packing your stuff which are really crucial. But, at the same time, also make it a point to carry light. 

 2. Install helpful applications

Install helpful applications

Download apps like maps. me if you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been so you may always have access to instructions, even when you’re not connected. Download Backpacker to meet people of all genders or Tourlina, which is only for women, if you want to meet other travelers. You can also always adjust the settings on dating apps to connect with people as friends. Use safety apps such as BSafe, which tracks your travel time to a designated contact in real-time. There are many latest apps you should rely upon while traveling. So, download them and travel stress-free.

 3. While travelling

Planning before travlling

As a single woman traveling alone, you can still be impulsive, but doing your homework ahead of time will guarantee that you are aware of key details such as your approximate itinerary, vital local phone numbers, and frequent travel scams.

 Make sure you always have travel insurance and read reviews of hotels, trips, and guides. In conclusion, maintain an open mind, make an effort to socialize with new people, and remember that this is your trip; nobody can stop you from taking a break, booking a five-star hotel, or rejoining a group if you so choose.

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