12 Exciting Things To Do On Adventure Trips

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Adventure is the most enthusiastic discovery of our potential. It’s something that you at least try once in your life to know how far you can survive without being in your comfort zone. We all have our to-do list. And I’m sure everyone has that crazy, sporty, and adventurous section in their list. Without making an attempt to adventure field our life would be so boring. After all, life is not less than facing adventure. So we have a list of all adventures which will surely make your life a bit spicy. Find out what’s on your bucket list?

1. Go Karting

Go kart racing has become the most accessible activity for people. It’s an open wheel type four-wheeled car. Go-karts are easy to drive, regardless of any driving experience. The best location to go for Go Karting would be Lydd in Trent, England. It is the most official race track on the list at 1.2 miles long. It is recognized as one of the most premier circuits in the world. But as of now is available in almost every city of any country, one can simply visit the nearest one depending upon their choices. The average cost again differs from city to city and country to country. Pricing for Go Karting is mostly based on minutes or hours you wish to ride. They are an exceptionally safe and memorable fun thing to do.

Go Kart Racing

2. Base Jumping

Base jumping is basically making a high jump from a tall structure may it be a Building, Antenna, (Span) bridges or an (Earth) cliff (Base). If one ever thought that Paragliding or skydiving was something really scary, then base jumping is defiantly not meant for them. It is the extreme level of skydiving. Here the diver uses a modified parachute to leap from heights to land on the masses.In some of the countries, it’s even illegal. So the best place I would suggest for base jumping is Burj Khalifa, Dubai. I mean, if you want to jump off a building, why not choose the tallest one.

Base Jumping

3. Heli-Skiing

Heli-skiing is like skiing thru the soft furry layer of snow where a helicopter is guiding you. It is a team sport. Which means you are not allowed to go alone. It’s not as terrifying as it seems to be. Best place for Heli-skiing without any doubt, Alaska. The Chugach Mountains get covered in nearly 700 inches of snow on an annual basis. You can also visit any of the nearby hill stations where you can enjoy this beautiful sport.

Heli Skiing

4. Scuba Diving

Ever wanted to feel what it looks like under the water? Want to undergo such experience where all those water bodies surround you? If yes, then this one is for you. Scuba diving is all about going deep down under the sea. If you are not afraid of going under the water, then this could be one of the craziest adventures to add into your bucket list for sure. One of the best places for experiencing the underwater world in Fiji. Diving in Fiji will give you a wonderful experience of seeing vivid turquoise water, variety of fishes and other beautiful and colorful underwater creatures. So, if you are a water baby, find the nearest coral and dive deep into it!

Scuba Diving

5. Wink walking

Wing walking the most deadly adventure to add to your wishlist. In wink walking the participant is strapped to a stand over top of the biplane’s wings. Communication is made using hand signals. There I generally a mini-session where hand signs and breathing techniques are taught. A Place where one can go and experience wing walking is in Gloucestershire is a country in southwest England. If you wish to perform an exciting or craziest stuff you should try this dreadful stunt.

Wink Walking

6. Bungee Jumping

This sport is for only those who can handle the craziness to its fullest. Here a person is connected to one elastic pipe or rope whose other end is fixed to the place where the person is standing and is about to make the jump. This activity generally happens from a height structure like a bridge or building can also be done from hot air balloon or helicopter. The thrill is after the free fall and when the elastic rope rebounds and the motion continues till the rope gets stable. Later the person can loosen up the rope and is free to walk. The best place: Kawarau George suspension bridge (South Island of New Zealand), which is also the birthplace of the sport. But currently, China’s Macau tower is the highest commercial bungee jump on the earth.one can simply visit the nearest place where it is available, safe and legal!

Bungee Jumping

7. Hang Gliding

Ever wished to fly like a bird in the sky? Then Hang gliding provides you one such option. Hang gliding is an air sport or an activity in which a person flies a light, non-motorized aircraft called a hang glider. Nowadays these gliders are made of an aluminum alloy frame covered with synthetic sailcloth to form a wing. Santa Barba, New Zealand is the most voted the best place for Hang Gliding. Go to your nearest hill station or place where hang gliding is available and experience the bird’s view!

Hang Gliding

8. Mountain Climbing

Mountaineering or mountain climbing is where people climb mountains with all the safety measures. The main goal is reaching the highest peak of the mountain. This isn’t a sport where you can buy tickets and get set go, a proper examination, health check, training is to be followed. There is also indoor mountaineering for beginners or kids.
Best place if you are trained and health checked then the answer would be Mount Everest, it is the highest 8,848m (29.029ft). If you want to make this sport as a carrier you can get started by joining nearest verified mountaineering schools.

Mountain Climbing

9. Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying is the sport of flying through the air using a suit that adds more surface area between legs and arms, which helps the person to fly properly. The suit I sometimes also referred to as squirrel suit or bat suit as per what it looks like while flying. One will need a parachute system to land the wingsuit.
The activity is now well known to the whole world and is practiced in many of the areas. So, one can visit the nearest station and enjoy being a squirrel!

Wingsuit Fying

10. Running The Bulls

This is basically a tradition in Spain that involves running in front of some six to ten bulls on the streets of the town. This activity happens around the summertime, some particular breed (non-castrated male cattle) are used which are sometimes again used in bullfighting and Camargue in France. Bull running was formerly practiced in some of the rural areas of England until 1837.
A Place where one can experience this near death practice sports is towns and villages in Spain, Mexico, and Portugal and also in the Occitan region of southern France. This is a free-of-charge sport so all one might need is a ticket to Spain and some real courage!

Running THe Bulls

11. BMX

BMX (Bicycle Motocross Bike) is a bicycle race done in the single lap of the road, a dirt race course made of N number of jumps and rollers. The track is mostly flat, about 4.5 m wide and 300-400-meter-long, and has starting gate, large banked corner, at least three turns, various jumps, and finish line. The origin of this sport is from southern California.
Bicycle United Motocross Society (BUMS) was the first proto sanctioning body formed in Long Beach, California on 14th November 1970. The UK started its first skatepark in the early ’70s. And now one can find more in Harrow, Rumford, South sea and Livingston in Scotland.

Bicycle Motocross Bike

12. Rafting

Rafting the pulse racing activity of exploring a river on a wide-ranging raft, includes a few hints of trouble, about how rough the waterway is. The difficulties are involved at an extreme level due to the gurgling motion of river water. It is challenging, but on the other hand, it is a fun sport to do.
You need to take all safety precautions while rafting. It’s not that difficult to raft on the river, but you have to follow some tips and advice provided by your guide. Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers in Alaska and Canada are famous for river rafting worldwide. You can also visit the nearby rafting spot close to your place. If you want to make your trip unforgettable then make sure you attempt this one.

River Rafting

So, this is the top 12 exciting adventure sports across the world. Hope this article was helpful and some of them are added to your bucket list. Will soon post some more interesting travel stories, tips and tricks, and destination to go blogs. Keep reading! Keep traveling! Have an Adventurous Life!