Things You Should Carry in Travel Packing Bags

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Packing your luggage before every trip is a sluggish experience isn’t it? Because every time we are working on our stuff there lies a big fat confusion on what to carry and what to not. We always love the freedom of carrying a piece of light luggage, but on the other hand, we also have a double thought of missing out on something which we can need further on the trip. What we need to understand is the things which are on our priority list should be comfortable and convenient along with ideally serving more than one purpose.

While packing distribute things according to their use that the things which are heavy and will not be needed as much should be kept at the bottom, whereas the items which are at the risk of leaking should be covered in plastic bags and the most essential items such as toiletries should be kept at the top. In the case of clothes roll them rather than folding them as it saves a lot of space.

Hereby are the things you should carry while packing your stuff before traveling. So, keep calm and start packing your bags.

  • Passport

    This is something you definitely should not forget isn’t it? Because then you will have to unhappily roll back towards your home rather than your destination.


  • EU Adapters

    This is utterly needed on our trip. Otherwise, we would have to roam around asking for it to others.EU Adapters

  • Mobile Charger/ Portable mobile charger

    As we can’t survive without our mobile our mobile can’t survive without its charger. Therefore, a portable mobile charger is a must-have.

EU Adapters

  • Camera

    We can’t resist the temptation of clicking some beautiful, vibrant clicks while traveling. And if you do wish to do so for making everyone around you jealous then you should carry a camera with you and yeah, don’t forget a spare memory card with you in case you think you will need it with a camera charger of course.

Camera for Travel

  • Going out shoes

    Packing a pair of comfortable pair of shoes which you can wear day and night is important so that you are at ease all the time and you don’t end up with sore and painful feet. (Tip – Use good quality shoes in case you are going for trekking or if you are traveling somewhere where you need to walk a lot)

Sporty Shoes

  • Socks

    Use warm fuzzy socks if you are going somewhere cold and use ankle socks if wearing trainers while traveling in a place with moderate temperature. Furry Socks

  • Painkillers/ Medicines

    They should be kept in case you suffer from headaches, muscle pain, period cramps. So, keeping them handy is anytime better. In case you are on prescribed medicine, you should keep its extensive course for the duration of your travel.

Pain killer Medicine

  • Gloves/ Hat/ Scarf

    Now it depends upon where you are traveling so that you would need the respective option.

Socks Gloves Hat

  • First aid kit

    We never know when we will need this while traveling. (Tip- Females should keep sanitary napkins and tampons too, so that they do not face inconvenience if traveling in a remote area)First Aid Kit

  • GPS/ Map

    You should install a GPS app on your phone when you are navigating through the city on your own. Also, keep a back-up map in case you do not get the proper signals on your phone or in case your phone battery dies.

GPS Map Location

  • Bum bag

    We have many times seen in movies of thieves snatching shoulder bags or pickpocketing on the wallets of travelers. So, to avoid this risk use bum bag to keep your money, cards, mobile and essential id’s safe with you while you are exploring any place.

Bum Bag for Travel

  • Towel

    Towel occupies a lot of space in your luggage. But we can’t skip it in some cases. Better use a microfibre one which occupies little space and dries up quickly.

Bath Towel

  • Toiletries bag

    When it comes to the terms of our hygiene, we should not compromise on it. Because not everyone prefers to share their toiletries. Carrying your one is important with shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, toothbrush, toothpaste in it. Also try to carry small portable bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer rather than the big plastic ones as they are lightweight and carry less room in your bag.

Toiletry Bags

  • Sunglasses/glasses/Swim gear

    Can you really think of stepping outdoors without it? Those who wear glasses these things are so important aren’t they? Because what’s the point of traveling if you can’t see the places properly or you end up remembering their blurry images. Also If you end up near a beach or something you don’t need to withstand the temptation.


  • Eye mask and earbuds

    Earbuds come to better use when you have noisy people around your dorm/ room or wailing babies and talkative people in your flight. An eye mask is bliss when someone turns the light on and you don’t want to give up on your so very beauty sleep.Eye Mask and Eye Buds

  • Sandals/ Flip flops

    Having comfortable footwear while traveling is very much crucial for your comfort.

Sandals Flipflops

  • Torch/ Flashlight

    We never know when the light goes off anywhere and someone is standing behind us ready to pound on us. Phew!!!!

Flashlight Torch

  • Shaver/ Nail clippers

    To all who don’t want to end up looking like a gorilla with wild hair and big nails on their trip.

Shaver Nailcutters

  • Sun cream

    Sun cream is important to protect your skin for avoiding looking like a roasted potato. Because SPF is important.

Sun Rays Protection Cream

  • Hairbrush/ hair comb/ hair spray/ hair gel

    These are essential hair products you can’t avoid if you don’t want to look like a zombie or a wild cat.

Hair Brush

  • Travel guides/phrasebook

    The feeling of using a travel guide in a new country is itself quite overwhelming. But carrying a heavy one will become a punishment for you remember that.Travel Guide

  • Clothes including your PJ’s and undergarments

    Having warm, comfortable clothes is very important so that you don’t end up being uncomfortable while traveling. Also, no of clothes you pack depends on the duration of your stay. But be aware that you don’t Overpack so that your bag doesn’t end up being too heavy. (Tip- Carry a laundry bag to collect dirty clothes in case your laundry doesn’t get cleaned.)

Clothes For Packing

  • Deodorant

    In case of traveling in a warm place, you should keep it with you.

Deodrant Spray

  • Rope

    They say precaution is better than cure. You should be alert while traveling because you never know what danger might cross your way. It is the most important thing to carry if you fall into an emergency. Besides this, it is also used for multipurpose.

Travel Rope

So, guys, we hope this blog will help you to sort the confusion surrounding your packing and you will land up traveling happily. Happy packing for you. And please let us know your views in the comment section below.