5 reasons why unplanned trips are the best

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Travelling is one of the most inspiring and exciting experience. It is a package full of enjoyment, surprises and lots and lots of adventures. When you are organizing your travel plan, you chalk it out for months by researching on the places to visit till drawing about every detail of the trip. It’s great to plan as it helps to maximize your time and understand exactly what you are getting into. You’ll be prepared for everything without freaking out. But unplanned trips are the most astounding trips filled with great travel stories and experiences. You don’t believe us? Read the 5 reasons why unplanned trips are the best and we are sure you will be convinced.

Freedom to travel

Unplanned trips provide you a lot of freedom for traveling where your feet’s take you. Sometimes getting lost is not a bad thing, it can lead to a better destination than you have been expecting. Also, you are not abided by the time limit. So, you have the freedom to travel whenever you want and however you want.

Travel Freedom

The folks you meet along the way

In unplanned trips, you may counter a lot of people. People just like you who have come to visit the place. These trips will always give you an idea to start a conversation, even a simple encounter like asking for directions can help you gain a friend, and asking for recommendations for the best place to stay or the best place where the food is great can help you end up traveling with your new friend. You make a lot of friends along the way and during that time you may open to random yet meaningful conversations with strangers who are waiting to become your friend.

Meeting Folks

Exploring the beauty and serenity

When you don’t know about something and when you see it with your own eyes you at that moment feel like this is where I’m meant to be. This is when you fall in love with the place you’ve been, the people you met along the way. This feeling never lets you forget the beauty of that place and always stays within you. Unlike when you plan you already know about the place before visiting there.
Explorung The Beauty

The spontaneity

Unplanned trips make you take spontaneous decisions, where you don’t waste thinking or planning to when to go to that place or how you’ll go. You just pack your bags and leave. When you are traveling people suggest you some really good places to visit and as you have come unplanned you visit those places with an open mind.

Back Pack And Leave for Travel

Getting to know the nicks and nooks of the place

As you travel unplanned, initially you are a stranger to that place. But as you move around and talk to people you get to know the places, the short routes, the local languages, etc. you start roaming around as it is your hometown. It may also be helpful to your friends or colleagues as you can help or guide them about the place.

Communicate With People

Doesn’t it feel good just thinking about it? So, what are you waiting for? Leap into your temptations and get ready for an unplanned trip.