Greece Tourism – Best Places To Visit in Greece

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What if the place famous for science can help you increase your chemistry with your partner. Being around there can help you get mental satisfaction from the beauty and physical attractiveness by the environment around you. As our elders said being in a health nature can help you increase your satisfaction level.

Greece Beauty

Place with the calmness and beauty. But why, What is Greece famous for? Greece is famous for the birth democracy, the creation of the Olympic Games, and for its unique and historical architecture and monument. Some examples include the Acropolis in Athens, the Sanctuary of Delphi, and how about getting to know that the first-ever adult scene was recorded in Greece, the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus watching the whole romancing couple around you, may boost your sensual life.
Think about romance and forget the evening sunset on beaches as when you can have it after a long tiring day. Tiring because you can roam around and the day will not end the sun will still up over your head. And being cozy to your mate and making out over in the open, where no one will pay attention to you, I never wanna miss a chance I am sure you will even feel bad.

Site scene on beaches

  • Santorini


When it comes to couples we can never ignore the magnificent view of Santorini, Greece. On the personal stuff of information, I had filled half of my album with the greet photos of Santorini that place can reliable and hope to enjoy the heaven overseas the peace the crowd just capture my mind.

  • Folegandros


If you wanna enjoy some me Time with your partner then why not Folegandros, a beach covered with the white sand and less people.

  • Milos

Milos island

Book yourself a boat get on the best wedding shot you can make your partner remember whole life. Being traditional as well as in the bunch of pretty villages over the best food and cocktail hour.
Look over in the sea dolphin is known as good luck to mankind, if you see one just pray to be with your lover forever they grant this.

  • Rhodes


Make your partner fall for you forever with the best memories of Greece. Long drive and romantic season at the time can make your magnet for them.

In and around the city

Long romantic walk

Long Romantic Walk

Romance is always incomplete without a long walk and fun around the cities. Visiting on the long peaceful roads with the hand in hand of your soul touched, the imagination is even melting me up. The best way to resolve your past with your lover is here in the weather of Greece where the street is covered with bougainvillea-filled shades. If your partner is a foodie then you can ask them anything over the meal here, they will be more honest then a drunk. Foodie smell will cover their all sense and they will only know is you.

Weather & Time

  • Best Time to here for Honeymoon: June and September.
  • Best Time for budget: March, April, May, October, and November have reduced hotel prices.
  • Beaches in Greece are the best for sunbathing and swimming from late May to early October.
  • Santorini photoshoot is best from March to June and September to November. Athens’s tempting is best from March to June and September to November.  Greece nightlife is best from July to early September. Greece beaches are best from June to September.
  • The high season in the Islands runs from late June until early September. August is the busiest and most expensive month to roam here
  • Santorini Hotels should be booked before 4 to 8 months. The Best and alliance free Mykonos Hotels should be booked before 3 to 6 months.

Blue zone

According to cense you can live more than your life span because worries will leave you and you will hug the mesmerizing memories. How about having your love in your arm, enjoying the love of spirit around you. Going closer and closer to the heart of your darling. Peace is all you have in heart, mind, around and in your relationship. It is the safest zone in Europe and the blue everywhere sky and sea everywhere make tourists fall for you ever.


Ouzo Drink

The love portion, if someone is not saying yes to you but you want that person like hell get to take them here and make them drink ouzo, they will get attracted to you… Hehe hehe jokes apart but the comfortness of the place with ouzo is not less than that.


If you have met a drunk lover and wanna enjoy their life then being in Greece can be awesome become of people around here are friendly and even if you start feeling cozy, no problem.


If you are in Greece you need to taste the food on street around you because the dishes they will make for you are just mouth-watering and fabulous and how about having dinner with scented candles and in chilling sand with the slow music, heaven is here on Greece beach hotels and on islands.
If you are vegetarian then must try the following:-

  • Ladera dishes

Ladera Dishes

Greek main cuisine includes a type of dish commonly called Ladera, which means cooked with oil. Almost always vegetarian, these vegetable stews consist of a variety of vegetables cooked often baked in an oven with oil and tomato sauce and include okra, green beans, stuffed tomatoes, zucchini, etc…

  • Gemista


Hearty and filling, gemista (meaning stuffed or filled) are baked tomatoes or bell peppers stuffed rice filling, vegetables, and fresh spices.
When you are in Greece you stomach will hurt of eating but still smell will still make you hungry.


Love and music have a different connection. Special person on the dance floor just next to you can change your mood and will make your heart relax and body happy.

Greek weddings

If you wanna run away from home and get married to your loved one why not Greece its budget-friendly too. And even safe from any other European country.
A wedding here is the getting moment of celebration. So you can easily be friend among the friendly people.



Mykonos is always another favorite destination among international lovers, and even though it’s crowded and expensive, but it’s still the best reason to visit Greece and experience the magnificent street and vibrant nightlife that Mykonos offers its visitors, when you can have it all here then why not?

Night fun

Night fun can never be chased by anything because it has another fumbling peace out in the environment. Lights are always lesser then the moon in your hand, if your partner is shy then you can comfort them here out in the open beach. Must say a few of your kisses can make them want you.


Greek mythology is vast and full of reality and must say full of romance. The love story of god and goddess is just to wonderful that library with Greece history is keeping you inspiring about love and make you propose your love. If you haven’t propose your lover official in the book you will find awesome way to propose them. Being on your knees on the festival eve will never let her say no to you. There are lots of festival for lovers because it is one of the most sexually active cities in Europe.



Getting up with the brightest light of the sun just next to your buddy. Buy a bottle of wine, rather than sitting in a bar. It is a way too cheap and can make yourself ultra boost temper

It’s best to visit and make peace in your relationship but stay budget-friendly too.

  1. Take a bike on rent because using other transport may cause you to budget off and will not get everything on your time.
  2. Buy a tourist map along with you.
  3. Stay away from the bar
  4. Have street food because you have the best around the city, try the best of the restaurant if you do this with your travel card, going to get huge amount of discount.
  5. Travel cashless as much as possible because you will not be provided with money exchange everywhere.
  6. Avoid shopping in main cities like Athens, but don’t forget to be on beach Cape Sounion.

Best to stay on the island for amazing views and peace over. Even in public, you will feel like comfort to hug or kiss your partner and make them feel special and blush.
Must visit

  • Northern Sporades
  • Saronic Islands
  • The Ionian Islands and the list can never end because it has 2000 beaches around the country

Day to your lover

  • Switch off your work
  • Get in your cloths
  • Wake her up with the most beautiful smile on your face and you are having the best time of your life.
  • Serve her like the queen
  • Move out of your place
  • Kiss her where you feel like
  • Get yourself a guide
  • Rent a car for a day
  • Make her smile
  • Never leave her back
  • Drink with her
  • Play with her
  • Make her remember you forever
  • Even if you are married to her propose her to be with you on the beach

This list may end but your to-do list of Greece with your couple can’t so much to explore, so much to eat it will never-ending. So visit with your love.

Sea kayaking – Sporades islands

Sporades Island

How about kneeling down in the middle of the lake when no one is around you and not gonna interrupt while having the most beautiful evening in shades of wondering cloud.
Sea kayaking is roaming around in a boat of sole or couple to discover away from land and the view that Sporades island provides you will not let you think other than a romantic date. If I was there I will never wish to come out of the adventure and love of the trip.

Rock climbing – Kalymnos


Getting on the top of the mountain with the fun of adventure when you can learn to cross every huddle and believe your partner in the no option, in that evening later have bonfire over the most beautiful city can take your breathe and provide you with chilling memories. Looking in your partner’s eye at this view after long tracking and rock climbing is just another name of heaven.

Windsurfing – Rhodes, Lefkada & Paros


It is a surface water sport which increases the enjoyment of your journey and will let you discover the most amazing sun but you can never have to be on country fastest growing sport and if you can click your best you must take your partner here because it’s new as well as best condition are provided herein Rhodes, Lefkada, Paros. You will get many guided trips with experts.

Skiing – Northern Greece

Skii Destination

Northern Greece has ski slopes to rival those of its better-known European country– with great amount of snowfall time and provide you the best surface to ski.
How about having a ski dance and later in the evening a few good friends. That should be the part of your trip and must take the experience of taking heartily welcoming view.

Bird watching in Northern Greece


More than 300-400 different bird species can be found in Lake Kerkini, which is not less and having the view of them is just not less. Another best part of the trip that having peace & relax between cool tweets of the bird. Photographs are must not forget to be taken and enjoying that view will just a chance to relive in the smooth and fresh environment.

Before you visit there don’t forget about having arrangements online and not to take tension because most of the people there know English and if you have any problem in speaking English, you can just carry an offline translator, otherwise the people of Greece are friendly and they with provide you a family gesture when you greet someone or ask for help.

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