Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World

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With the high excitement of the wedding over, a couple usually looks forward to spend some quality time alone. If the honeymoon is planned as meticulously as the wedding, then newlyweds couple can anticipate the perfect getaway. A well-thought-out destination allows in making the most of this very special time.

Whether it is adventure sports, exploration, history or the natural environment that attracts a couple, they would do well to ponder over these ten best honeymoon destinations to enjoy their time. Each of these is a world-class location for a great time out together.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora IslandIt is a longed-for destination for die-hard romantics. Enjoy lagoons, sand-fringed isles, blue seas, underwater corals and over-the-water restaurants. Add picturesque mountains and unique marine life. Bora Bora is a terrestrial fantasy with accommodations perched on stilts right over the sea waters.


Hawaii islandHawaii is an outstanding location with incredible beaches and jaunty treks. Any part of Hawaii offers unique, picturesque locations. A great many luxury accommodations cater to adventures aplenty. From volcano treks to gorgeous beaches couples will enjoy wild and beautiful waterfalls and local history.


thailand sea view

With its pristine beaches and ecstatic nightlife attracts honeymooners to simply get their senses seduced. Enjoy the beautiful sights of golden sunsets, floating markets, and brilliant lotus flowers. Beaches appear to be straight out of picture postcards and offer all the entertainment one can imagine.


Sychelles Resort

It is a gem of a stunning archipelago with unique landscapes. Its innate beauty draws romantics to enjoy the best of the natural seascape. Couples may enjoy the gorgeous beaches that also offer diving and snorkeling at some sites. The wonderful sea experience leaves most people utterly satisfied.


Maldives IslandThe tropical climate, swaying palm trees, turquoise sea waters, and soft sands all make it a great destination. There are numerous coral islands at this archipelago. Offering perfect seclusion and privacy it bonds couples to its natural beauty. Luminous beaches glow naturally at night and the sight is incomparable.



It offers white sand beaches and some stunning wildlife. The beautiful island includes Indians, Creoles, Chinese and the French creating a melting pot of cultural influences. The perfect sunny beaches and nightlife make Mauritius a seductive paradise. It remains a honeymooner’s perfect getaway.



With its pristine landscapes and laid-back environment sets vacationers at perfect ease. Honeymooners especially revel in the relaxation of body and soul. Jamaica delights the senses and the paradise location offers several activities. But even if you do nothing you may just enjoy each other’s company.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Resort

Costa Rica is for adventure lovers. It is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples fond of exploring new ground. The rich bio-diversity of the land offers amazing flora and fauna with enjoyable activities that include hiking, biking, diving, rafting, and surfing. Adventure-seeking honeymooners will love it here.


Bali View

Bali offering exotic beaches and mystic sights literally lure lovers to its charming landscapes comprising of mountain peaks, green fields, and sandy waterfronts. Enjoy marine life to swim with turtles or walk up to the tallest active volcano. Go rafting in lush rainforests or simply relax on the beach with your beloved.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island

It is a paradise in the Andaman Sea. This Indian island may be accessed from Port Blair from where a boat brings you to Havelock Island. Discover untouched beaches and stark nature. If you want that heavenly peaceful escape away from the world, Havelock Island is the place to go.

These ten honeymoon locations offer tranquil beaches, picturesque locales, lush jungles, beautiful views amid different cultures. Have your pick as per your liking and budget. Live out your love stories, even as these great destinations allow you to celebrate life. Enjoy ocean-side walks, watch sunsets together and look forward to creating the memories of a lifetime. Jumpstart your new lives together at any one of these perfect honeymoon destinations.