Best Places to Go on A Road Trip In India

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Thinking about road trips we remember the duo from Dumb and Dumber or the hilarious “It happened one night”. Now you may be thinking why am I discussing movies with road trips here? Because not only did we see the adventure they went through on their trips but also the self-satisfaction and fascination they got after the end of their trip. Road trips are on the bucket list of many who are high on thrill and adventure. Because these wanderlusting stories will accompany you for the rest of your life and will always remind you of there’s more to life.

India is a heaven for adventure junkies who can travel within an amalgamation of green lush forests, unending mountain ranges, jaw-dropping picturesque landscapes and much more. So, if you are high on an adrenaline rush and want to explore every mysterious and hidden dimension of our country then a road trip is the ultimate call for you. Therefore we bring to you the 10 most thrilling road trip destinations in India for the hardcore adventure lovers!

Shimla to Manali via Spiti and Kinnaur

The alternative way to reach Manali is through the magical land of Spiti Valley. It normally takes 3-4 days through the rough mountains and has three stopovers i.e Rampur, Nako and Kaza. The road from Shimla to Rampur lies in a good shape but the route through Kinnaur, Spiti, Kunzum La, and Rohtang La is quite rugged. But when you have some breathtaking sceneries to watch throughout the way we can certainly avoid the discomfort of the roads.

Best time to go- Mid September to Mid July

Shimla To Manali Via Spiti Valley

Guwahati to Tawang

Monks, Mountain and the voice of morning prayers can define this route very well. This place describes the true serenity of northeast with snow-clad mountains and the treasure trove of Buddhist culture. Traveling through these winding paths is very difficult with a distance of 520 km and requires at least 10 hours to reach. The route passes through Kaziranga, Imphal, and Cherrapunji. Even though the drive is long there are many places where you can take a break and explore for example Dirang an alluring valley or Tezpur, the cultural capital of Assam.

Best time to go- March to October

Guwahati To Tawang

Visakhapatnam to Araku valley

Winding through tricky roads, tackling the massive Bay of Bengal and enveloping the eastern ghats is the enticing route from Visakhapatnam to Araku making it one of the most memorable road trip destinations of South India. The 116 km road is filled with the fascinating green hills, grey sky, abundant flora and of course coffee plantations. Once you are at Araku you can visit the Bora caves and the Tatipudi reservoir.

Best time to go- October to March

Vishalhapatnam to Araku Valley

Mumbai to Goa

Goa is one of the most favorite destinations amongst the party lovers. So a road trip from Mumbai to Goa is nothing but utter heaven trailing through the western ghats There are two ways by which you can reach i.e one by Pune- Kolhapur route via NH4 through which you can reach in 10 hours covering 590 km and is the safest and most preferred route due to being four-laned. The other is the Ratnagiri Chiplun route via NH66 through which you can reach in 12 hours covering 577 km and is mostly preferred by the thrill-seekers. This route is blessed with the sceneries of paddy fields and coconut plantations with a lot of mouthwatering options on the way.

Best time to go- September to March

Mumbai To Goa

Chennai to Pondicherry

The route towards Pondicherry (“Paris of the East”) from Chennai is a three-hour drive covering a distance of 155 km via the tranquilizing East coast road. Passing through some of the notable places of Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Iddaikkazhinadu, Mudaliarkuppam, and Marakkanama. Mahabalipuram a UNESCO recognized site is a must place to stop to admire its beautiful beaches and to fill your tummy with the gastronomic delicacies.

Best time to go- October to February

Chennai To Pondicherry

 Delhi to Agra via Yamuna Express highway

This fulfilling 165 km can be completed in two hours all thanks to the good quality of the road. You can make a trip to the Taj Mahal and Agra fort within a day and can be home by midnight. Sounds great, isn’t it? But one tip you should remember is to check the air pressure and to keep it less than normal as high air pressure can lead to bursting of the tyres and can lead to the fatal accident. Also, remember to carry a lot of food and water along the way as there are no doubts lining the expressway. So if you keep these tips in mind we are sure you would have an excellent road trip along this way. 

Delhi to Agra Yamuna Express Way

Mumbai to Pune expressway

If you have a really hectic schedule and cannot afford to take a break of more than two days then boy this is the right place for you to rejuvenate your mind. A trip to Lonavala can be your ultimate stress buster with retreating mountains, cool vibe, and soft breezes. And the Mumbai Pune expressway leading to Lonavala is 93 km long and is quite popular due to its beautiful surroundings and riding on this expressway is a paradise in itself.

Best time to go- August to March

Mumbai to Pune

Gangtok to Nathang valley

Seeping through the old silk route it connects Lhasa in Tibet to India through the Jelep La Pass in Sikkim. Your partner in this route of the motorable roads is Mt. Kanchenjunga and the beautiful landscapes of hills and snow. The journey starts from Sikkim and runs up till Nathang valley where you witness the stunning Menmecho Lake, Mandakini waterfall and the entire winding route from Thambi viewpoint. So, we are sure you will not even get a chance to blink your eyes while you are on this route.

Best time to go- May to December

Sikkim to Gangtok Silk route