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One of the best ways to discover any country is to travel around its nick and nooks uncovering every bit of it. Every country has something to represent about itself just like Brazil has a lot to say about its unparalleled biodiversity, outstanding wildlife, and breathtaking panoramas. Hiking in these trails can help you unfold the impenetrable and mysterious treasure trove of Brazil and we are sure you won’t regret it even a bit. 

Best treks in Brazil- Here we present you the information about 5 of the best hiking trails in the country which will leave you spell bounded for sure.  So happy hiking!!!

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park

Want to experience the dramatic canyons, plunging waterfalls with the opulence of quartz crystal? Then  Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park is the ultimate place for you. Just not that but the natural swimming pools are just like a perfect trophy for you after hiking in the Brazilian heat. You can trek independently to a specially marked path leading you to spectacular ice canyons too for a pleasurable dip.

Chapada dos Veadeiros

Lençois Maranhenses National Park

This park is located in the northeastern region of Maranhao state which is known for its spectacular sand dunes in the Preguicas river banks along with the lagoons. The best part about them is during summers these sand dunes convert into a beautiful shimmery landscape due to the rainwater lagoons. The good thing about this place is you can also swim in the freshwater pools along with capturing enticing photographs.

Lençois Maranhenses

Pedra do Telégrafo

This place at Guaratiba is one of the most iconic places to explore. 354 meters above the sea level it takes about 1 hr to climb this hiking trail. The Telegrafo rock there is a place which is an Instagram favorite within many who have visited this place. You can also visit the Tijuca forest along with the Restinga de Marambaia beach which too is striking.

Pedra Do Telégrafo

Chapada Diamantina National Park

The name Diamantina itself means diamond and is named after the treasure hunters who scampered this place in the 19th century. This place is full of surprises with vivid hiking trails, vibrant waterfalls falling into lagoons and the abandoned villages from the diamond-era. The main attraction of this place is the  Morro do Pai Inácio, a 3,675-ft. (1,120m) a table-top mountain which is the ultimate place for a green lush view another accompanied after a 20-minute hike to the Vale do Capão and Morro do Camelo another tabletop mountains.

Chapada Diamantina

Trilha Do Rio Do Boi

The best part about this trek is that you have to trek through the Boi river and several other streams along with the Itaimbezinho Canyon. Searing through Aparados Da Serra National Park it has a distance of 7 km and you are only allowed to trek with a tourist guide. We are sure the vertical slopes will definitely catch your eye along with the glistening waterfalls.

Trilha Do Rio Do Boi